Youth Summer and Fall Training Programs

The Summer and Fall select training programs are an extension of our Youth Select Program. The Youth Select Program training runs the 1st week of January thru May and the our  Youth Summer Training program goes from the beginning of June thru the first week of August. Then the Fall training program starts Sept 1st and runs thru the end of October

Summer program and fall program are not team based but designed for individuals that want additional programmed and instructed training during the remainder of the spring/summer youth season and fall baseball season. It will feature many of the same attributes as our Youth Select Program.

There will be weekly training for individuals or the entire team.  The program will keep kids ready for fall baseball and build a foundation for the Youth Select Season.

Slammers South Youth Fall Training Program

Some of our teams may play in a local league but we emphasize training and fundamentals and suggest 2-3 tournaments instead of league.  Teams DO NOT have to play tournaments if they do not want to.  Slammers has nothing to do with filling FALL TEAMS or placing them in leagues or tournaments.  THIS IS INDIVIDUAL TRAINING ONLY.

The training will be done by our professional instructor staff.

2024 training is TBD. 

Slammers South Youth Summer Training Program:

The Slammers South Select Youth Program is one of the most competitive and highly instructed youth programs in the country.  We have always run our 2 X per week instructed workouts program from the first week of January through mid-May. Going forward we will be offering the same style Youth Select Instructed workout from June 4th thru July 25th.  See info below for last years days and times as a general reference.

This program is not team based but offered to individuals from 8U to 13U for those players that want more training during the summer.  The program will offer instructed workouts for hitting, fielding, and pitching. The initial summer program will have room for 45 people in each session, so sign up fast:

Tuesdays & Thursdays

8/9/10s-9am to 10:30am
11/12/13s-10:45am to 12:15pm

DATES: June 18th thru July 25th (OFF July 2nd and 4th) 

Slammers South
12000 E Easter Ave
Englewood, Co 80112