Slammers Performance trains athletes of all sports.

We have trained male and female athletes that play all sports. We have trained athletes from elementary age all the way up to the professional level.

Bailey collins

Bailey Collins, Strength Coach

Bailey is a Colorado native, born and raised in Littleton, CO. Played baseball at Dakota Ridge High School from 2012-2016 where he was Jeffco player of the year in 2016.

Bailey committed to play baseball at Concordia University Irvine where he received his BS in kinesiology and then MS program for Masters in Exercise in Coaching. He would go on to be a 4X all-conference player, 2021 D2CCA all-west region, and is 1st in all-time career home runs.

Collins has been a strength coach for 2 years now, working with athletes from the youth to professional level. His passion lies in taking athletes to their next level and leaving a positive impact on those he gets to coach.


Zoey Hammer, Strength Coach

Zoey Hammer has lived in Colorado her whole life. Living in Craig, Colorado all throughout high school until moving to Denver, Colorado for college. Zoey attended Metropolitan State University of Denver where she received her BS in Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition.

Hammer has been coaching for a year and a half now, working with youth to collegiate-level athletes. She wants to make an impact on the lives of the athletes she works with.


Matt Pajak, Director, Performance Analytics

Originally from Wilbraham, MA, Matt attended Bryant University in Smithfield, RI where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Matt also holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Following graduation, Matt interned with the Cape Cod Baseball League, working under the Commissioner of the league. In early 2016, he joined USA Baseball as the Coordinator, Program Development and by the end of 2016, Matt had joined the internal team that was working on the launch of the Prospect Development Pipeline (PDP), a joint initiative between MLB and USA Baseball that became a vehicle for objective data capture of the top amateur baseball prospects in the country to be used for draft purposes. Matt worked as the Assistant Director of the PDP from March 2017 until July 2020. As the Assistant Director, PDP, Matt traveled all over the country and internationally (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Aruba) and directed operations teams to collect and process objective performance data. In his time at USA Baseball, Matt worked as a part of a team that evaluated over 10,000 unique amateur baseball players, including over 100 first round picks in the MLB Draft and a collection of draft picks that collectively signed for over $1b in signing bonuses. Prior to leaving USA Baseball, Matt was promoted to Director, Integrated Sports Performance.

In January 2021, Matt co-founded Loden Sports, a company that objectively measures raw athleticism for athletes of all sports. Matt has found his expertise and the systems that he has built useful in consulting with Major League teams and Agencies regarding amateur prospects.

We help all athletes reach their goals.

We offer private (1-on-1), semi-private (2-6 people), and individual monthly membership training. This allows us to give personalized instruction and address specific bio-mechanical and sport-specific needs. We also offer team training and open-facility / baseball-facility rentals. All private and semi-private training clients gain full access to weights, machines, and tunnels.

Individual Monthly Membership

Strength Training needs to be a part of every athlete’s training regimen! Slammers Strength will design and guide each athlete through a training program designed for their age, gender and sport. We have a program for all athletes no matter the age. Strength & Conditioning can be beneficial for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Three Types of Monthly Membership with Programming:
4X Per Week
Monthly Fee $250 Per Month Based on 12 months.



Team Training

Team performance training utilizes the benefits of team sport; synergy, cooperation, the understanding of multiple roles, individuality, passion, and leadership to foster growth.  We design and implement a detailed performance schedule to meet team goal objectives, as well as the individual goals of each athlete.   Sessions consist of the fundamental components of strength, power, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, speed form, and balance. Team training is specialized and specific, addressing team tendencies and weaknesses, which then allows the performance specialist the best opportunity to improve all athletes.  Trainer ratios are held at a maximum of 12:1.

Private Training (1 on 1)

Private Training maximizes training performance by addressing individual athletic needs in a one-on-one session with a performance trainer. Full biomechanical movement analysis, sport-specified movement pattern coaching, strength training, and extended program design are completed for each athlete. Performance trainers will regularly assess athlete progress.

Private Session Prices

1 hour private session- $80.00

4 private sessions- $280.00

8 private sessions- $480.00

Semi-Private Training (2 – 6 max)

Semi-Private Training addresses multiple athletes’ specific needs by segmenting them within age and ability-specific small groups. Similar to private training, semi-private training offers fully individualized program design and analysis is given. The athlete/trainer ratio is kept to a maximum of 5:1. Sessions are arranged with an individual performance specialist.

Semi- Private Session Prices

1 session a week- $180.00- $45.00 per workout

2 sessions a week- $320.00- $40.00 per workout

3 sessions a week- $420.00- $35.00 per workout

4 sessions a week- $480.00- $30.00 per workout

*Slammers players only $250.00 monthly membership, includes up to 4 workouts per week.