Slammers have been running an Arm Velocity Program (AVP) for over 15 years.

Since the inception of the program, much of what the baseball world knows about strengthening and caring for the arm has evolved. As Slammers staff have learned, the AVP has been refined. Slammers runs AVP for athletes of all ages and is not limited to Slammers players – anyone can sign-up.

From Driveline certifications to working closely with Bob Keyes, co-founder of Bio Kinetics 3D and one of the foremost experts in baseball biomechanics in the world, Slammers staff has developed AVP into an industry-leading arm program. Baseball players are in a constant pursuit of velocity and the AVP achieves this while also establishing arm-care routines and integrating baseball-specific training so that our athletes can reach their velocity goals and do so correctly and safely. Cleaner mechanics, athleticism, and arm-care: the AVP provides a holistic recipe for sustained performance.

In 2022, AVP had its largest participation ever with over 80 Slammers athletes working side-by-side to become the best versions of themselves. Using Rapsodo and the Loden Sports Performance Lab App, two staples of Slammers Athlete Development, Slammers was able to track velocity gains alongside weight-room gains: Slammers South AVP Recap 2022 Offseason. We’re not guessing. Our athletes are working hard and we’re showing them real results.

The AVP starts every November and continues through February leading up to the start of the spring season.

Slammers offers two groups for AVP: a Monday-Wednesday-Friday group and a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday group. Each group will follow the same program.

Following an off-season of gains with the AVP, Slammers provides in-season support to all athletes so that they can sustain their gains throughout the high school and travel seasons. Sustaining performance is a competitive advantage. Work out with Slammers in-season so that you can sustain strength and velocity during the grueling spring and summer seasons.

AVP SR’s 4-Month Program (Freshman – Seniors): $1800.00
AVP SR’s -Year Round Program (Freshman – Seniors): $2950
AVP JR’s Program (11-14 year olds): $1400.00

The Arm Velocity program is broken into THREE STAGES:


Is dedicated to strength. Building functional strength to increase power and control of body. Runs from November through December.



Incorporates a graduated throwing program which includes using weighted balls from 2oz to 8oz for overloading and under-loading drills, mechanical work, and continued strength training. Also, included in this phase is the use of technology like Rapsodo. Runs from December thru Mid February.


Is an in-season strength, arm care, and arm maintenance program which is crucial to sustaining the gains seen in Stage 1 and 2 while understanding the rigors of in-season games and throwing. Runs from the end of February thru mid-May.