Bob Keyes, one of the foremost leading authorities on the biomechanics of pitching and hitting “the kinematic sequence” and with 0ver 30 years of data, video, and research analysis is a proud partner of Slammers. Bob will be at Slammers on in 2023 to provide his expertise to our staff and players. Some think they know pitching and hitting, but he really does.
Pitchers or hitters who are interested in having their mechanics analyzed by Bob and his system will not want to miss the opportunity take part in this program analysis. Registration opening soon.

Bob has been filming and analyzing pitchers and hitters for the MLB for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge of the biomechanics and kinematic sequence. He has been analyzing Trevor Bauer’s mechanics twice a year since 2012. In addition, Bob works with other MLB, College, and HS pitchers and hitters

You can see how thorough the analysis is by clicking on the example report of one of our instructors in the program, current Chicago Cub Bryan King.

Here is the process:
Video the pitcher using two cameras capturing the motion at the same time. This
video is sent to Bob’s lab in Salt Lake where one of his assistants digitizes the
video. Bob then uses the digitized video and breaks down the video into his
analysis. We would then sit down and go over the report and give the pitcher or hitter areas to work on.

The cost of each analysis is $500.00. (Bob recommends doing a before and after video in order to see the progress made.)

If you have any questions email