Slammers Softball

Slammers Softball is in its 5th year, and if year 5 is anything like year 4, watch out. The goal for the organization is to develop these fine young women into the BEST student athletes and community minded citizens they can be. Players coming to Slammers are looking to be varsity contributors at their high schools with the DREAM of potentially playing college softball. Development is key, and winning is a by-product of that development. ]



slammers softball
Location: Slammers South 12000 E Easter Ave
Price: $99
Ages: 12-18

Tryout Info:

Slammers South
12000 E Easter Ave
Englewood, CO 80112

Slammers Softball Tryouts for all age and comp divisions will take place in various locations.  Please read carefully the date, time, and location for the team you are looking for.  If you do not see the age of a team you want, please email or call James Manu, Softball Director at 720-207-7240.

Ceteria Foster (Slammers 14U Foster), 14B/A on Tuesday, July 11 @ 530-730 at Slammers South
Randi Reyes (Slammers 14U Reyes), 14B/A on Wednesday, July 12 @ 530-730 at Slammers South
Justin Mimless (Slammers 16U MCM), 16A on Thursday, July 13 @ 6-8 at Slammers South
James Manu (Slammers 14UA 2nd Year) on Wednesday July 19 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm at Slammers South Facility.

If you have any questions about Slammers, please feel free to call Jeff Jenkins at 720-320-1650 or email him at



Tryouts are by Appt only. Contact Jeff Jenkins, info above, or James Manu at



Our program prides itself on developing players for the next level thru weekly workouts, skill development, competitive play, and recruiting services….just to name a few.

If you are interested in attending or know anyone else that is interested, please sign-up for tryouts. We are looking for committed athletes passionate about softball and interested in playing at the next level.