High School Fall Select

The Slammers program is specifically designed to guide and enhance players who have the goal of playing college or professional baseball.

The Slammers High School Fall Select program provides players an excellent learning atmosphere, competition and exposure for its participants.

Slammers instructors are former Major League, minor league and collegiate players and coaches with over 70 years of combined baseball experience. Many of which are also professional scouts. The combination of our instructors, coaches, facilities, and schedule make our program the #1 Fall program in the Region.

If you are considering a Fall program for your son and he is committed to playing baseball after High School, then please take the time to compare what Slammers has to offer. Slammers wants all players and parents to realize that this program is a major commitment and that we emphasize that academics come first.

Not happy with your current experience with other High School Club programs?  You are in LUCK!!  Slammers is the #1 high school select program in the region!! We commit more players to college to play baseball, and specifically more D1 players, than any other program in the region. 

We will have have 14-16 teams this fall at the 18U, 17U, 16U , and 15U divisions, comprising of the following GRAD classes: 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028. Our coaches are some of the best coaches in the country providing the best instruction and preparation to our athletes in getting them ready for the next level.

If you are serious about playing in college, want to work and get better, and want to go to the BEST showcase tournaments in the country, than Slammers is the place for you.

We are looking for the BEST most COMPETITVE players in the region to join are teams.  Spots are limited so do not miss this opportunity! 

As always, we are looking for committed baseball players that have and want to play at the highest level.  

14U/8th Grade Slammers HS Fall Select

Many have asked what the next steps for 14U/8th grade players for this summer and next fall are. This summer ALL players will still play on their current Slammers teams, but for this coming fall for ALL 2028 Grads, we will have a workout/tryout on May 16, 2024, to evaluate players to make the HS Fall Select Team.

This is for current 2028 Grad class (14U) or 8th graders in and out of the Slammers Program. This workout will help us evaluate the 2028 Grad Class players to put them on a HS Fall Select team. All players who want to play in the fall and even those that are not going to play this fall due to football or some other sport, but want to play the following summer, should attend this workout/tryout.

Also, we understand that many 8th graders are already getting emails or contacted by their prospective High school coaches. The question is, do you have to play this summer for them….NO. Do you have to play this fall for them….NO. Each one of the high schools will have winter workouts in 2024 and tryouts to formulate their spring teams for 2024. Thais when you need to make sure your are all in with them and attending those winter workouts.

Now, If you feel you want to play for them in the fall, we get it. We will see you in the future when you decide to come back to Slammers. But, under no circumstances do you leave your 14U Slammers team in a lurch this summer. That is the quickest way to not have a spot here in the future. Enter the right way, and always leave the right way and you will always have a spot here at Slammers.

So, while we cannot guarantee that ALL current Slammers players make a team, we can tell you that this is our goal, and we have only had one year where we had a few kids that we could not place on a team.

Register for Tryouts

Alternate Tryout (2nd) For Slammers HS Fall Select 2028 Grads

June 25th, 2024
1pm to 4pm
Price: $25

12000 E Easter Ave
Englewood, CO 80112

Contact Jeff Jenkins at jjenkins@slammersbaseball.com if you have any questions.

If you are interested in our program please click the Register Open button. We use this list to set up our tryout so it is very important to fill out the information correctly. We also ask all players to put their parents’ email address and phone numbers when asked.

Tryout for Slammers HS Fall Select 2027, 2026, 2025 Grads

2024 High School Fall Select Tryouts
For ALL players wanting to Join Slammers HS Fall Select program.

June 25th, 2024
1pm to 4pm
Price: $25


Slammers South
12000 E Easter Ave
Englewood, Co 80112

In the fall, exposure is a major part of the recruiting process. Slammers will travel to national tournaments in California, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida and Arizona.

Slammers has bids to the  Arizona Fall Classic events. We also compete in Perfect Game events in Georgia and Arizona. Slammers has an exclusive bid to the Perfect Game WWBA Championships in Jupiter, Florida. This tournament is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country. In addition, Slammers will be attending the Wilson Premier Championships in Florida and Arizona. We have received the invitation to the Wilson Premier Championships as a result of our partnership with Wilson/Demarini. We are the only organization in the state that will be attending this event.


We know our unique program provides the necessary skills, competitiveness, experience and exposure needed to advance players beyond high school. This gives players who’ve decided to focus solely on baseball the additional opportunity to compete at the highest level.

In the 2019 class Slammers has 60 players going on to play college baseball with 8 of those players committing to D1 programs.

The Slammers Fall Program will be held at our Englewood and Broomfield locations. The program is comprised of 14-16 teams. We try to keep players playing within their grade level, grad class. These teams will work out two times a week indoor at our indoor facilities and one day a week outside working on defense. During the two indoor workouts each player will work out with Slammers instructors on hitting, pitching and fielding as well as with the Strength & Conditioning coaches.


In the past 13 years, our program has had 30 players drafted with 21 of these players going on to sign professional contracts; and Luke French, Taylor Rogers, and Aj Schugel reaching the Major Leagues.

  • 2017-Matt Givin 20th rd Miami Marlins, Peyton Remy 17th rd Chicago Cubs
  • 2016-Alec Hansen 2nd rd Chicago White Sox, Bobby Dalbec 4th rd Boston Red Sox, Bo Weiss 29th rd New York Yankees, Nate Sweeney 33rd rd Chicago Cubs-Signed, Tyler Honahan 36th rd New York Yankees
  • 2015-Ryan Burr 5th rd AZ Diamond Backs, Logan Soole 23rd rd AZ Diamond Backs, Sam Haggerty 24th rd Cleveland Indians, Marc Mumper 37th rd Colorado Rockies
  • 2014-Jonathan Richy 3rd rd Dodgers, Gavin Glanz 232rd rd Colorado Rockies, Nick Leonard 34th rd Atlanta Braves,
  • 2013-Tyler Rogers 10th rd SF Giants, Alex Albritton 21st rd Anaheim Angles, Mark Shannon 24th rd Anaheim Angles
  • 2012-Taylor Rogers 11th rd Minnesota Twins, Steven Wilson 35th rd Philidelphia Phillies
  • 2011-Matt Ogden 35th rd AZ Diamond Backs
  • 2010-AJ Schugel 25th rd Anaheim Angels
  • 2008-Tyler Sample 3rd rd KC Royals, Bobby Hansen 18th rd Washington Nationals
  • 2007-Zach Cleveland 35th rd Philidelphia Phillies, Scott Cure 43rd rd Boston Red Sox
  • 2006- Evan Anundsen 4th round Brewers, Dan Hoben 29th rd Texas Rangers
  • 2005- Kyle Winters 5th rd Marlins, Reid Engel 5th rd Boston Red Sox, Levi Tapia 38th rd Boston Red Sox
  • 2004-Luke French 8th rd Detroit Tigers, Ben Krosschell 16th rd San Diego Padres

During this same period Slammers has had over 90% of its fall players go on to play at the Division 1, 2, 3 and Junior College Level (please check the alumni page to view former players).


Major League Instruction:
Slammers Coaches and instructors have over 60 years of professional playing and coaching experience.

FieldLevel and SportsRecruits:

Fieldlevel allows Slammers to connect with over 2000 college coaches and deliver a player’s profile to them with the click of a button. Players can update their profile with video and other information but do not have access to coaches themselves. This is program is reliant on Slammers’ staff and college coaches communicating with one another.


SportsRecruits is a much more “player friendly” website, allowing players access to every college baseball program in the country while including the Slammers recruiting staff on all communication. This allows the recruiting staff to monitor, adjust and suggest which colleges are a good fit for the players to communicate with. Families can also use Sports Recruits to research any and all information about every college in the country quickly and easily. This program will allow both the player and Slammers to share the recruiting process workload while allowing family members to see how the process is moving along 

18 -20 Indoor Workouts:
Indoor workouts at Slammers facilities on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s focusing on pitching and hitting.

18-20 Strength & Conditioning Workouts:
Included with the indoor workouts each player will train in our strength and conditioning facility with trainers from Elite Speed.

8-10 Outdoor Workouts:
Outdoor workouts on Wednesday’s at Grandview HS , Cherokee Trail HS, Mile High Academy, All Star Park and Brent Mayne Park from approximately 4:30 to 6:30 pm focusing on infield/outfield defense. Pitchers will work on fielding, bunt coverages and pickoffs.


National Exposure:
Out of state tournaments are in California, Georgia, New Mexico, Arizona, and Florida and put on by Perfect Game , Arizona Fall Classic Baseball and Wilson/Demarini Premier give our players the BEST exposure.


Each Slammers Select Player will receive 2 uniform tops, 1 pair of pants, 1 shirt, 1 pair of shorts. Each player will also receive a belt and cap. The jersey tops and pants will be used from summer season into fall season.

Contact Information

For information regarding the Slammers Select Program please contact:
Mark Holzemer at mholzemer@slammersbaseball.com
Jeff Jenkins at jjenkins@slammersbaseball.com
Or call 720-320-1650


August 18th-19th:
Slammers Pro/College: Not doing this year

August 25th and 26th
Tournament: UNC Tournament
Where: All over Denver
Who: All the Slammers Teams

August 31st to September 3rd
Tournament: Slammers Labor Day Wood Bat Fall Classic
Where: All over Denver
Who: All the Slammers Teams

September 7th – 9th  Tournament: PBR Tournament
All over Denver
All the Slammers Teams

September 14th-16th
TournamentSoCal Classic
Where: Southern California
Who: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors


September 14th-17th
Perfect Game National Championship (UpperClass)
Where: Peoria Sports Complex, Peroia, AZ
Who: Seniors

September 14th-17th
Wilson Premier Classic
Where:  Palm Beach, FLA
Who: Freshman through Seniors

September 21st-24th
Tournament: Perfect Game National Championship (UnderClass)
Where: Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, AZ
Who: Juniors

September 28th-30th
Tournament: Freshman Fall Classic
Where: Peoria Sports Complex – Peoria, AZ
Who: Freshman

October 4th-7th:
Tournament: Sophomore Fall Classic
Where: Peoria Sports Complex – Peoria, AZ
Who: Sophomores

October 4th-8th:
Tournament: PG WWBA Junior World Championship
Where: Ft. Myers, FL        Who: Selected Sophomores and Juniors

October 11th:
Tournament: Senior All Academic Game
Where: Peoria Sports Complex – Peoria, AZ
Who: Top Academic players will need to submit their academic application and be accepted to tryout on October 11th. If after the tryout they are selected, they will play in the stadium on October 11th in front of 80-100 college scouts looking for specific Academic athletes.

October 11th-14th:
Tournament: AZ Senior Fall Classic
Where: Peoria Sports Complex – Peoria, AZ
Who: Top Seniors

October 18th:
Tournament: Junior All Academic Game  Where: Peoria Sports  Complex – Peoria, AZ
Who: Top Academic players will need to submit their academic application and be accepted to tryout on October 18th. If after the tryout they are selected they will play in the stadium on October 18th in front of 80-100 college scouts looking for specific Academic athletes.


October 18th  – 21st:
Tournament: Junior Fall Classic
Where: Peoria Sports Complex – Peoria, AZ
Who: Juniors and possibly some Sophomores. Slammers has a bid to this event and we also will get Juniors down to this event on Mountain West Teams.

October 17th-22nd:
Tournament: PG WWBA World Championships
Where: Roger Dean Complex, Jupiter, Florida
Who: This is a Mountain West team comprised of players from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Texas.

October 26th-28th:
Tournament: Universal Fall Classic
Where: Peoria Sports Complex – Peoria, AZ
Who: Juniors and Seniors