Combining Olympic-level strength and power training with elite baseball-specific instruction and development, we’ve created the most comprehensive baseball performance program in the state of Colorado.

Program Overviews:

How AVP works: Arm speed is developed in sequence with the transfer of energy through the kinetic chain. To control this transfer of energy, dynamic balance must be emphasized. Strength training will be an integral part of this program to develop speed and power. All of the throwing workouts in this program are closely monitored for mechanics and strength, with an emphasis on the four basics of pitching: balance, direction, angle, and length.

AVP- Arm Velocity Program is broken into THREE Stages shown HERE

Measured Performance: Arm and ball velocity are regularly measured and documented to provide objective feedback and ensure program success. We use Rapsodo’s technology to analyze, correct and perfect.

How the Bat Speed Program works: Bat speed comes from using the kinetic chain. One joint in motion effects the others. Joint placement dictates muscles function. You need to be strong to be powerful. There are different phases that will be touched in this program. Absolute Strength, Strength Speed, Speed Strength, and Absolute Speed. This program will include overload and under load, training to increase bat speed.

Measured Performance: We use HitTrax technology to measure bat speed and ball exit velocity and this information will be regularly measured and documented to provide objective feedback. The video will also be used to ensure program success.