Individual Lessons

individual-lessonsFrom beginners to kids with dreams of playing in the big leagues, Slammers provides individual instruction given by professional instructors with only the highest level of experience in the game. Get access to personal one-on-one attention to take your game to the next level.


Our team of professional instructors are all former players with major league, minor league or college experience. We take pride in helping players of all ages and skill levels enhance their playing experience. Whether a beginning youngster, who just put on a glove, or a high school ballplayer with aspirations of playing professional baseball, each student is treated as an individual.

Our goal is to provide every player a solid foundation to work from, as well as an understanding of the mechanics involved at each position. In addition, we want every player to have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Private Lessons are one on one, and work on specific skills.

What will you get?
Personal 1 on 1 Instruction
Breakdown of Fundamental Mechanics
Progression of Skills to Higher Level of Competition
Drill Work and Take Home drills
Videotaping (Optional)
Private Lessons are intended to enhance BOTH player and parent. Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in and participate in the lessons.

Slammers Individual Lesson Pricing

Tier One Instructors:
Mark Holzemer, Billy Martin and Clint Zavaras Lesson Pricing
Baseball or Softball Pricing
$60.00/ 1/2 hour
$120.00/ hour

Tier Two Instructors:
Slammers Instructors Lesson Pricing
Baseball Lessons
$50.00 / 1/2 hour
$100.00 / hour

Softball Lessons
$45.00 / 1/2 hour
$90.00 / hour

Buy a Slammers Lesson Card and Tier One Lesson Card Pricing:
Mark Holzemer, Billy Martin or Clint Zavaras
10 Lessons for only $525.00
5 Lessons for only $275.00

Lesson card pricing for Tier Two Slammers baseball Instructors
Get 10 Baseball Lessons for only $425.00!
Or 10 Softball Lessons for only $385.00!
This is a $75.00 / $65.00 Savings over purchasing your Lessons individually!



NOW AVAILABLE! 5 Lesson Cards!
Get 5 Baseball Lessons for only $225.00!
OR 5 Softball Lessons for only $200.00!

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Group Instruction

Slammers Group Lesson Pricing

One instructor/one tunnel
3 players • 1hour • $40.00 / player
4-6 players • 1hour • $35.00 / player
7 players or more check on pricing

All group instruction must be scheduled with a Slammers instructor.

Please contact any Mark Holzemer at to find out pricing, and to schedule the team workout with Mark Holzemer, Billy Martin or Clint Zavaras.

Please contact Jeff Jenkins at for group instruction with all other Slammers Instructors.

Or Contact Us about special instruction.