Youth Fall Select Training and League Play

This new program is in its inaugural year for 2019.  2020 Fall Program is TBD due to COVID-19.  We will know more by mid-August.

The Fall select program will be an extension of our Spring/summer select program and will feature many of the same attributes as our Youth Select Program.  There will be weekly training, league play, and/or tournament play.  The Fall program will be a short 10-week program that will start the week of August 20th and run thru November 3rd.  Some of the out of state tournaments will take place after the training portion stops, possibly into December. Teams DO NOT have to play tournaments if they do not want to, nor do they have to play them into December.

The league play will be done thru Castle Rock league or any other.  Castle Rock League will feature games on Sundays, either doubleheaders or single games starting in late August and going thru the end of October.  There will be NO GAMES on Labor Day Weekend. They will have the following age divisions:  9U thru 14U.

There will a Slammers training component for the leagues and any individual players.  The training will be done by our professional instructor staff:

Training will start TBD.

9U/10U/11U/12U/13U/14U At Metzler Field in Castle Rock