Being fit and building strength are key aspects of performing at higher levels in baseball or any other sport. Slammers offers Strength and Performance training to help our athletes get quicker, faster and stronger.

Strength Training needs to be a part of every athlete’s training regimen! Slammers Strength will design and guide each athlete through a training program designed for their age, gender and sport. We have a program for all athletes no matter the age. Strength & Conditioning can be beneficial for athletes of all ages and abilities.

The majority of athletes NEED A TRAINER to design a program for their sport and for MOTIVATION! All of our programs will offer some, if not all, of the following:

Strength Training
Core Training
Balance & Stability
Olympic Lifts
Sport Specific Exercises
Functional Training
Age Appropriate Exercises

Slammers Strength trains athletes of all sports. We have trained male and female athletes that play all sports. We have trained athletes from elementary age all the way up to the professional level.

All of our programs will be designed with the age and experience of the athlete in mind!

Speed, Agility and Quickness Training

Not every athlete can be an Olympic sprinter, but each athlete can get faster! There are 3 things needed to improve your speed. You need to improve your stride length, stride frequency and leg strength/power. Slammers Strength will help you get faster!!! Our training is done at our facilities located in Lakewood and Englewood. Each student will be instructed by a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

We offer:

Private Training
Group Training
Team Training
Speed Camps

It is never too young to start training! The earlier you learn to run, the easier it will be to correct technique flaws and overall running form.

Training Plans at Slammers South:

All athletes need to train on a year-round basis to increase their performance, get bigger, faster, and stronger, and more importantly, reduce the risk of injury. With the membership, it will enable you to train on a year-round basis with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

We help all athletes reach their goals.

We offer private (1-on-1) and semi-private (2-5 people) training. This allows us to give personalized instruction and address specific bio-mechanical and sport-specific needs. We also offer team training and open-facility / baseball-facility rentals. All private and semi-private training clients gain full access to weights, machines, and tunnels.

Team Training

Team performance training utilizes the benefits of team sport; synergy, cooperation, the understanding of multiple roles, individuality, passion, and leadership to foster growth.  At Elite Speed we design and implement a detailed performance schedule to meet team goal objectives, as well as the individual goals of each athlete.   Sessions consist of the fundamental components of strength, power, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, speed form, and balance. Team training is specialized and specific, addressing team tendencies and weaknesses, which then allows the performance specialist the best opportunity to improve all athletes.  Trainer ratios are held at a maximum of 12:1.

Private Training (1 on 1)

Private Training maximizes training performance by addressing individual athletic needs in a one-on-one session with a performance trainer. Full biomechanical movement analysis, sport-specified movement pattern coaching, strength training, and extended program design are completed for each athlete. Performance trainers will regularly assess athlete progress.

Private Session Prices

1 hour private session- $80.00

4 private sessions- $280.00

8 private sessions- $480.00

Semi-Private Training (2 – 5 max)

Semi-Private Training addresses multiple athletes’ specific needs by segmenting them within age and ability-specific small groups. Similar to private training, semi-private training offers fully individualized program design and analysis is given. The athlete/trainer ratio is kept to a maximum of 5:1. Sessions are arranged with an individual performance specialist.

Semi- Private Session Prices

1 session a week- $160.00- $40.00 per workout

2 sessions a week- $280.00- $35.00 per workout

3 sessions a week- $360.00- $30.00 per workout

4 sessions a week- $480.00- $30.00 per workout

*Slammers players $250.00 monthly membership, includes up to 4 workouts per week.