Slammers has 3 dual automated hitting stations in our well lit stadium. These are not your typical batting cages. Each station is only netted twelve feet out. This opens up to 70 by 40 feet of space with a 15 foot ceiling. This allows you to track your hits, which you can’t do in a standard, netted batting cage.

The stations have set speeds from 40 – 70 mph for baseball, and 2 softball stations set at 40 & 60 mph for our fast pitch softball customers. We also have one slow pitch station. These are the same ranges used for our popular Indoor Winter Hitting Leagues.

If you are interested in more intensive practice and training, or if you are simply having some trouble with your hitting, check out our hitting and pitching tunnels. These are more specialized areas for batting and pitching practice. They are also available to reserve with one of our professional instructors.

All of our baseball machines are Master Pitch Arm machines. For baseball training we have found these to be the most accurate & most beneficial. We do not take reservations on these stations. They are open to the public during business hours.

Indoor Batting Range token pricing

Each token is good for 16 pitches

1 / $1.75 16 pitches

3 / $5.00 48 pitches

8 / $10.00 128 pitches

20 / $20.00 320 pitches

50 / $45.00 800 pitches