Performance Hitting Program
How the Hitting Program works:

Starting November 26, Slammers hitting coordinators… John Cronican, Mike Fiscus, Connor Bitzer, Collin Martin and Ron Quintana will be hosting a hitting program unlike any Slammers has offered before.

Tuesday and Thursdays, players will use multiple performance hitting environment to improve and adjust their ball exit speed, swing path, launch angle, approach and overall hitting fundamentals.

Wednesdays will be utilized for creating and understanding video analysis, individual mechanical feel.

8 hitting sessions and 3 instructional video and mirror sessions will accompany and enhance the philosophies and fundamentals to set up success for the new year!

Price- 125.00

High School Players 4:30-5:30PM
Ages 13U-15 5:30-6:30PM
Ages 10U to 12U  6:30-7:30PM